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New function added to LD Products website

July 13, 2017

The company has added a new function to their website called “My Printer” which enables the customer to shop more easily.

“My Printers” is a custom printer list, created by LD Products customers. They can add their favourite printer models (Office, Home etc) and by the model name, the customer will get access to all of the printer supplies need in one click. LD products added: “With “My Printers,” there is no need to second-guess your printer or cartridge model, so you can shop for the right supplies with ease.”

To use “My Printers,” the customer will need to log into their customer account. Just click the “My Printers” button to get started!

A new printer is added by selecting the printer brand, printer family and printer model number. Once the selection is made, the printer will instantly be saved for future orders. The next time the customer logs into their account, they just need to pull up “My Printers” to access your custom list and start shopping.

For busy offices or families with multiple printers, keeping track of their printer models can be a hassle. With “My Printers”, customers can personalize their list of saved printers by giving each printer a unique nickname. Printers can also be added from the “My Printers” inferred printer list, a custom list of printers that is unique to each customer based on their previous order history.

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