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New EPEAT website launched

November 7, 2013

Screen shot 2013-11-07 at 10.02.46Green Electronics Council redesigns EPEAT website to highlight participants and improve navigation.

The website for the electronic product environmental assessment tool (EPEAT),, has been revamped by the Green Electronics Council in order to draw more attention to the content and answers that are most sought after by electronics purchasers, making it easier to learn more about the green-rating system.

Beginning with the homepage, which has been restructured to provide a window into EPEAT’s participants – from purchasers and manufacturers to resellers and non-profits; the website organises content in a tabbed structure that allows users to access key resources easily. Information about the environmental leadership standards on which EPEAT ratings are based can also be found via the homepage, as well as examples of case studies from select entities that have included EPEAT-specific language in their purchasing policies.

Tabbed sections include “About EPEAT”, “Participants” and “Resources”; all of which present information in a clear way and demonstrate who is involved in the EPEAT system, with immediate access to commonly sought after resources also available.

Remaining intact is the EPEAT Registry of greener electronics, although the Search tool will be updated to reflect the non-Registry pages. Purchasers will still have access to compare the 3,000-plus EPEAT-registered products from over 60 manufacturers.

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