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New concept “circle” printer revealed

May 29, 2012

Designer Yang Jae Wook has presented a conical desktop printer concept that aims to “minimize[e] size without losing functionality”.

The “Circle” printer is discussed on design blog Yanko Design, which states that printers are “one of the most annoying computer peripheral[s] on anyone’s desk”, and notes that this design “look[s] at minimizing size without losing functionality”, as it “looks more like [a] humidifier or a fancy pot”. The site concludes its analysis by stating its “wish that manufacturers would look in this direction too; HP are you listening?”

Images of the device give more information on its workings, claiming it is a “courteous printer” that requires “no additional space”. The designer claims that “for those who don’t use a printer often, they would feel the printer takes too much space”, and that “there should be enough space to get a printed copy from it”.

The diagrams suggest that paper is placed in folded to a curve, with the toner top loaded into the device. From here, the paper revolves around the toner, and receives the printed information before exiting the device on the tapering side.

Whilst impressively designed, a number of comments on the website reflected the sheer impracticality of the device, including individuals commenting that they “want their paper to come out flat and straight” and not a “paper jam waiting to happen. One commenter even states that “it’s a good attempt at going in a different direction, but it may pose some serious mechanical problems” in execution.

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