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New CEO for Triton

June 17, 2016


Colin Davison and David Connett during announcement at Focus on Europe

David Connett has joined the company after Colin Davison stepped down.

Davison announced that he was stepping down as CEO of Triton Precision Engineering after almost 20 years. He said that he will remain as a consultant for nine months while gradually handing over the company to Connett, and the two will work together during the transition period until he retires in March 2017. The announcement was made at Focus on Europe which is taking place in Lisbon.

Davison joined the fledgling company, Hip Kiu, in 1998 after Carly Yeung, Triton’s current Operations Director, and Chairman Hy Hung had started the company in 1996. The company filled a gap in the market for supplying high quality replacement parts to the cartridge remanufacturing industry. Davison, who has a “lifelong background in plastics and manufacturing”, said that “today Triton is an innovation driven company that designs, develops and manufactures over 1,200 products to help remanufacturers to successfully repair, convert, enlarge and remanufacture inkjet and toner cartridges”.

Announcing Connett as the new CEO, he said that Connett was a “veteran of the remanufacturing industry”, and that “David will be responsible to expand Triton’s existing range and oversee all aspects of product development and define and drive product strategy and sales”. Connett recently resigned his position as editor of The Recycler so that he could take the role at Triton.

Davison said that Triton appreciates Connett’s “engineering and industry experience” and that this will enable him to “bring further valuable insight and leadership” to the already experienced Triton team.

“Triton’s mission has always been to help remanufacturers with solutions to fit their needs and requirements,” and this has been achieved by working closely with customers. He finished by saying that he “would like to sincerely thank all our loyal customers whom have supported Triton since the company was founded, because without your support, Triton’s success would not have been possible”.

Connett, who was also a founder and Vice President of Etira, the European trade association for remanufacturing, said, accepting his appointment: “I look forward to leading the Triton team and becoming better acquainted with Triton’s customers and partners, and building on Colin’s success and contributing towards making the global remanufacturing and office imaging industry even stronger in the coming years.”

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