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New box design for OWA collection programme

May 15, 2019

Armor Office Printing continues to innovate in the responsible collection of print cartridges with its brand new design the company has announced.

As part of the OWA-collect program, Armor Office Printing announced the deployment of its new cardboard box for the collection of used cartridges. 15,700 collection accounts can already benefit from this service in Europe.

The OWA used cartridge collection offer allows companies to remotely manage the collection, reuse and reprocessing of their printer cartridges. Once collected by Armor, the cartridges are remanufactured.

The new OWA collection box now features several innovations to ensure its durability like a semi-automated base that makes it more airtight to prevent toner powder or ink leaks and a kraft finish and increased resistance to carry 15 to 20 laser cartridges as well as inkjet cartridges.

Armor said that for 2019, this new version will result in about 100,000 fewer plastic bags.

This new cardboard box guarantees both optimum use by companies and respect for the environment during transport to the processing site.

As a supplier of remanufactured printing consumables, Armor places collection at the heart of its production process. Without empty cartridges, it is impossible to provide new printing consumables.

“This collection of laser and inkjet cartridges is provided by OWA’s corporate customers throughout Europe. The portal allows user companies to create their collection account, order collection boxes, manage collection requests and access communication tools (waste tracking certificate, material balance sheet, general collection conditions, local authorities authorisations etc.). Collections are carried out within 24 to 72 hours,” explains Xavier Dautreme, head of the collection service for ARMOR Office Printing.

The OWA collection is currently deployed in eleven countries across Europe. France and Belgium are the two main user countries of this service.

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