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Nazdar signs up 17 European resellers

November 4, 2014



Ink manufacturer extends its global reach with addition of resellers for its 202 Series inks, launched in May.

The UK-based company has announced the addition of 17 resellers across Europe for its 202 Series inks, which are now being sold in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Latvia, Ukraine, Austria, Greece, Norway and Portugal, as well as throughout the USA.

The 202 Series has been developed specifically for Roland Soljet Pro4 XF-640 and XR-640 units and the Roland VersaCamm VSi range, with the inks offering “exceptional compatibility, quality and cost effectiveness, combined with a seamless ‘plug and play’ conversion process”. They are also said to offer “improved alcohol resistance, superior scratch resistance and rub resistance when compared to OEM ink”.

Nazdar highlighted the ease of changing from OEM to Nazdar inks by “simply swapping out the OEM cartridges with Nazdar ink as they run out”, without the need for profile changes “as Nazdar wide-format inks are an exact colour and performance match to the OEM inks”.

Martin Burns, Global Market Segment Manager for Digital Solvent & Aqueous products, Nazdar, commented: “We’ve been delighted with the success of the Nazdar 202 Series inks. They are the result of meticulous, state-of-the-art product design and development techniques and are the first alternative inks to be truly colour-matched to the Roland Eco-Sol Max 2 inks.”

On the “global success” of the 202 Series, Burns said: “With the inks already garnering considerable interest across Europe and the USA, our network of Nazdar reseller partners continues to strengthen and grow. We work with the best representatives in the markets we serve and continue in our search for further distributors in untapped markets to maximise the global reach of our solutions.”

Meanwhile Chris Bailey from QPS – a long-term reseller of Nazdar’s inks – said: “What makes Nazdar a superior product from the reseller’s perspective is the reliability. At QPS we are regularly converting customers from OEM ink to the Nazdar alternative, and we do that with the confidence that the customer will appreciate the benefit of the conversion. In the simplest of terms, the inks offer OEM-levels of reliability and performance at a considerably lower cost. This is further reinforced by our team of dedicated field engineers providing OEM levels of back-up and technical support.

“With more than 17 years’ experience in this field, I struggle to think of any other product range that generates so much repeat business, and so many happy users. Isn’t that the goal of any reseller? To sell a great product that the customer is happy with and keeps coming back for time and again?

“The bottom line is this: the Nazdar range of alternative ink is now our most reliable and dependable revenue stream. Customer retention over many years is extraordinarily high – near on 100 percent in fact. We also get exceptional support from Nazdar whenever we need it – and as a reseller we really cannot ask for any more than that.”

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