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Nazdar reveals new Mimaki inks

April 21, 2015

TX650N_5534f50c1c3cbThe manufacturer has seen the TX650 wide-format inks validated for Mimaki machines.

My Print Resource reported that the high-density dye-sublimation inks saw “extensive printer testing” on the Mimaki JV33 wide-format printer, with Nazdar revealing that the successful testing has meant the inks have “been added to the list of validated printers”.

The TX650 transfer inks “have been formulated specifically” for use on a “wide range” of wide-format machines that use Epson’s DX printhead technology. These include printers not only from Mimaki, but also from Mutoh and Roland. Nazdar recently revealed that it had produced UV-LED inks for use in wide-format machines, with the 260 series of inks “ideal for POS applications” on vinyl banners, styrene and other surfaces “thanks to excellent adhesion, flexibility and chipping resistance”.

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