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Nazdar creates UV-LED inks

April 15, 2015

The manufacturer has produced the inks to “make [the] transition to UV-LED easy”.Nazdar_Mimaki_UV_cure

Nazdar noted that as of 13 April, an EU ban “prohibits the use of mercury in lighting”, which has caused concern in the wide-format industry “that printers using mercury vapour for ink curing will also be affected”. While this “is not on the cards just yet”, the company stated that “it may be worthwhile looking at the alternatives”, including LED-curing technology, for which it has produced a set of new UV-LED inks.

LED curing is “less energy-intensive” than mercury because lamps “need less power to run [and] much less warm-up and cool-down time”; are cooler in temperature; do not produce ozone; can be “plugged into standard electrical sockets”; and can “last significantly longer than mercury lamps”. Nazdar’s inks are designed for digital, screen and narrow web printers, and are colour-matched and “plug-and-play”, with “no flushing or other downtime”.

The 260 series of inks are “ideal for POS applications” on vinyl banners, styrene and other surfaces “thanks to excellent adhesion, flexibility and chipping resistance”. In turn, the 2600, 2300, 2400 and UV-LED Air Texture Clear inks are also available for LED-curing printers, while Nazdar said that it is “also happy to work alongside OEM manufacturers who are developing LED-equipped printing systems”.

The company commented: “The merits of UV-LED inks are many, and there’s never been a better time to discover them.”

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