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Nazdar announces three new wide-format inkjets

February 17, 2015

Nazdar's 153 wide-format inkjets

Nazdar’s 153 wide-format inkjets

The manufacturer has produced three new inkjet inks for a range of wide-format cartridges.

The company revealed that the three new inks will be introduced at the Sign & Digital UK event, held from 24 to 26 March at the NEC in Birmingham, England, with the inks including the 153 series for Mimaki printers alongside two new UV inks, the 720 and 260 series.

The 153 series is designed for use in Mimaki’s JV3, JV5, CJV and JV33 machines, with “exceptional compatibility, quality and cost-effectiveness” offered alongside a ‘plug and play’ conversion from OEM to Nazdar ink, which involves “simply swapping out” the OEM cartridges with Nazdar replacements “as they run out”, with “no profile changes” required due to the new inks being “an exact colour and performance match to the OEM inks”.

The 720 series meanwhile is UV inkjet ink “engineered with low-odour ingredients” while “maintaining the ultimate in adhesion characteristics”, as well as being “very flexible”, which “makes it perfect” for applications including pressure-sensitive vinyl, banners and window clings. The ink is resistant to “edge chipping”, so can also perform well on “rigid materials”, and offers “outstanding adhesion to acrylic materials”; and is available in six or nine colour sets, with the six including white and clear and the nine including orange, green and violet.

Finally, the 260 series UV inkjet ink is designed for “plug-and-play” compatibility with the Roland EcoUV inkjet set in 220ml cartridges including the four process colours and clear and white. The inks are also available in one litre containers for “non-heated printhead” printers, with the one litre sets including light cyan and light magenta; and are designed to be cured with a 395 nanometre LED lamp.

Martin Burns, Global Market Segment Manager  for Digital Solvent and Aqueous at Nazdar, commented: “The addition of the 153 Series – in conjunction with the suitability of our 133 Series for the JV33, CJV and JV300 – puts the Nazdar ink offering in the strongest of positions from which to serve the wide format market.

“Nazdar can now offer better value ink options for all the major solvent inkjet printers, increasing the competitiveness and profitability of our users. Not only are these users buying better value inks from a prestigious UK manufacturer, they also have the back up and support of the strongest ink warranty in the market.”

Rich Dunklee, Global Market Segment Manager for UV Inkjet at Nazdar, added: “The two new Nazdar UV products offer different but important advantages for the user. The 260 series is about giving convenience, ease of use and maximum savings when installed in Roland EcoUV printers and has excellent characteristics for use on a wider range of platforms.

“The 720 series however is very much geared towards providing enhanced print features such as colour, adhesion, flexibility and chip resistance. We see the 720 as an ink upgrade for a wide range of UV printers including HP, Durst and Agfa.”

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