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NAND ipl granted US toner patent

June 2, 2015

nandlogoThe toner manufacturer’s patent covers a “unique structured EA polymerised toner technology”.

The company stated that the granting of the patent is a “significant milestone”, with the US patent – US 20130059248 A1 – covering the company’s “unique structured EA polymerised toner technology”, and NAND added that the “same patent is also pending in Europe, Japan, China and Korea”.

The patented toner technology allows for “structured” polymerised toner particles to be “produced in a single manufacturing stage”, and while there “are other technologies that can reproduce the end product”, these require “two or more manufacturing stages”, while NAND’s “requires only one”. NAND added that it already uses the technique to “ensure the vital waxes” in its toners are “directed” towards the centre of each particle, where they “provide the necessary aid to fusing”.

This also helps to ensure that “there is little or none” of the wax “near the surface, which can lead to component contamination”. Another advantage of the technology is “the ability to manufacture ‘core/shell’ particles” in one single stage – soft polymer is “directed into the middle of each particle”, while a “harder polymer” can form the shell.

NAND commented that it “intend[s] to be a front runner in providing aftermarket colour colutions to the fast-growing core/shell toner supplies arena”.

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