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MSE sees increased success from merger

April 8, 2016

clovermseThe remanufacturer, part of the Clover Imaging Group (CIG), says it has seen an “unprecedented 99.5 percent documented success rate” since their merger.

The merger between MSE and Clover nearly two years ago has seen MSE brand products achieve an “unprecedented” 99.5 percent success rate, according to both MSE and CIG, and the data provided shows that the former’s “already impressive success rate” has increased “even more” over the last 20-plus months, with MSE’s colour success rate now an “astounding” 99.51 percent.

MSE noted in turn that its “industry-renowned quality” has been an “instrumental part of the brand’s differentiation strategy”, providing resellers with a “true alternative” to the OEM, and adding that industry publications and associations have presented it with “quality leadership awards multiple times”. The company’s research and development and engineering teams have also worked with CIG’s respective teams to “ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction”.

Luke Goldberg, Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at CIG, commented: “Post-merger we promised that not only would the MSE quality be maintained, it would be enhanced as a result of combining the formidable resources of Clover’s technology and engineering team with that of MSE’s.

“Fast forward 20-plus months and those early promises were not only met, they were exceeded. By applying a culture embracing best practices and continuous improvement, and bringing together a world-class team, today the MSE brand is better than ever.”

CIG was created last year as a marketing group as a rebrand, with MSE, West Point Products, OPRA and other brands now all coming under “one marketing umbrella”. The group was then relaunched earlier this year with a new logo, website and strategy as “more than just a marketing umbrella”, and launched a new website as well.




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