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MPSLink claims 90 percent reduction in finding support partners

August 1, 2012

US directory of printer support providers claims its service can substantially eliminate the time to find a support partner.

MPSLink has claimed a dramatic 90 percent reduction in the time to find printer support partners for managed print services (MPS) and encourages MPS providers to enrol in the service, with a case study from Laser’s Resource.

A Michigan-based MPS provider, Laser’s Resource states that it found itself generating an increasing number of printer locations outside of its service area.

Laser’s Resource Service Coordinator Misty Conkle commented: “Whenever I received a service call from a remote location, I cringed because I knew that I was in for a few hours of frustrating work,” recalling her previous routine of searching on Google for nearby partners before having to call the most credible to negotiate service and parts pricing.

However MPSLink, a searchable directory of MPS partners, claims that Conkle is able to find a service partner in less than 30 seconds. Conkle continued: “All I do is pull up the […] website, log in and I am able to choose from qualified printer service partners.”

However, MPSLink has yet to provide information regarding its claim of a 90 percent reduction in accessing support partners.

MPSLink’s Joel Pearlman remarked: “We saw a need to create a directory of qualified printer service partners […] We are pleased that the program is benefiting Laser’s Resource along with many other providers across the country.”

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