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MPS re-defined to focus on processes

December 3, 2015

MPSAThe Managed Print Services Association (MPSA) has updated its definition of the service to emphasise that it integrates all “business processes related to documents and information”.

MPS Connect reported on the change, with the old definition of “the active management and optimisation of document output devices and related business processes” re-ordered to say: “The active management and optimisation of business processes related to documents and information, including input and output devices.”

TheUS-based MPSA explained that as managed print has matured, there has been a greater emphasis on information and business processes rather than the actual device. The “industry definition” is useful for unifying stakeholders in the industry and serves as a marketing tool for MPSA members.

A special committee worked on the new definition, including the MPSA board of directors, executive committee and committee chairs. One of the board members is Clover Technologies’ Sarah Henderson, who is Director of MPS operations at West Point Products.

Vice President Doug Bies said: “We involved our best and brightest MPS experts from a cross-section of the industry and thoughtfully considered the past definition, current trends, and the future of MPS as this definition was developed.”

He hopes the new definition will accurately describe MPS for years to come, encouraging members to market the new update, explaining why it was changed to their organisations.

MPSA is an independent group that focuses on developing standards, education, and industry guidelines for the different segments of the industry.

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