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MPS Monitor 2.0 earns BLI Testing seal

September 29, 2020

MPS Monitor announced that its MPS Monitor 2.0 platform is among the first to pass the Keypoint Intelligence-Buyers Lab (BLI) Printer & MFP Security Validation Testing for Policy Compliance, earning the BLI Policy Compliance seal.

The platform is among the first remote monitoring solutions worldwide to pass the neutral third-party security testing benchmark programme that standardises the requirements for output device and office IoT (Internet of Things) security. This acknowledgement applies to the tested software solution for the period commencing 31 July 2020 and ending 1 August 2022.

The BLI Security Validation Testing – Policy Compliance protocol includes a combination of hands-on testing by Keypoint Intelligence software technicians and real-time observation of demonstrated functionality by those technicians in conjunction with MPS Monitor personnel. As part of the testing protocol, Keypoint Intelligence technicians employ the OEMs’ management tools to specify desired security settings and save those settings as a “policy” template, apply the policy across a fleet to ensure that devices are in compliance, monitor those settings on an ongoing basis, automatically remediate devices that fall out of compliance, and more.

Keypoint Intelligence analysts confirmed the claimed features and effectiveness of the MPS Monitor 2.0 platform in satisfying the test methodology criteria, when used to manage HP printers and MFPs fully supported by the HP SDS platform: 

  • Discover and highlight at-risk firmware (that is, out-of-date firmware with known and/or likely vulnerabilities) that are still in use on devices;
  • Provide fleet-scalable, secure firmware update capability;
  • Ensure a customer’s devices are secured to a vendor’s and/or customer’s recommended settings (via templates, policies, or similar mechanism);
  • Provide a method to discover out-of-compliance devices;
  • Generate a report (or dashboard view) showing at-risk devices;
  • Provide a way to automatically apply the desired settings to bring devices back into compliance;
  • Provide on-going checks to ensure the devices are still in compliance with the recommended settings;
  • Automatically detect newly connected but un-configured device(s) attached to the network and automatically apply the policy designated by the administrator for new devices.

“For the last decade, MPS Monitor has been providing top-quality fleet monitoring, meters management and consumable logistics on a cloud-based platform to worldwide dealers”, said Nicola De Blasi, CEO of MPS Monitor Srl. “We’ve been working seamlessly to guarantee our solution to be at the forefront of security and privacy issues: earning the BLI Printer & MFP Security Validation Testing seal for Policy Compliance is now a further proof of the high standard we deliver to the whole printing industry. This is especially important in this critical moment, when cybercrime is taking advantage of the current situation of uncertainty, while most businesses are in need to increase their security defences, both inside the company and in Work From Home environments”, closed De Blasi.

The full BLI Security Validation Testing Report for MPS Monitor 2.0 can be downloaded here.

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