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MPS is changing

August 12, 2016

logoYSoft discusses a Quocirca research report, which found demand is “growing”.

The demand from customers for more from their MFPs and MPS services is growing, reported YSoft, which added that that “MPS as an industry” is “transforming to meet customer’s needs” who want more “solution orientated processes” like scan workflows and “ways to increase document security”. Businesses want more flexibility in price plans and more “active customer support”, Ysoft referring to some competitors only supporting “scan to email or scan to home folder”.

YSoft SafeQ’s workflow solutions platform meanwhile “recognises that automated workflows are a significant contributor to making organisations more efficient”. The company added that “improving productivity” so that businesses “can focus on what they do best” is what it’s all about, so that they can be as responsive as possible and “reduce costs associated with paper based processes”.

The MPS provider’s SafeQ offers “automated workflows” and secure scanning to “predefined locations” and third party storage alerting others so that they can maintain the workflow.






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