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MPS changing to MCS?

August 13, 2019

In an interview with CRN, Matt Winlaw, HP Inc’s Managed Print Services Director suggest that managed print services (MPS) are more progressing into managed content services (MCS).

Winlaw in the interview with CRN suggests that MPS is now at a mature stage for users and suppliers alike which also suggest that there is less growth potential, unless resellers are looking at the services from a different angle – the content that passes through the machines.

Winlaw proposes that “using scanners to not merely image a document but also initiate searches for keywords and route documents accordingly. Or integrating printers and scanners with security policies, to prevent exfiltration of documents or introduction of malware from external storage devices connected to printers.”

These deals are not only looking at supply and maintenance of machines but requires partners to retrain and understand this content-driven MPS. HP invested in staff to train channel partners to explore and deliver these new deals.

Winlaw told CRN: “Partners say they’re getting a different response, on a more positive level of engagement with the end user when they’re having a different conversation.”

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