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More HP Inc firmware issues shared

September 15, 2016

Another report from the industry has come in about the recent firmware update.

HP Inc's OfficeJet 8615

HP Inc’s OfficeJet 8615

A number of people got in touch with The Recycler to warn of an update that has seemingly blocked remanufactured and refilled cartridges, with the OfficeJet 8610 the machine prominently mentioned as blocking both types of cartridge after a mandatory update. Bruce Brandt told The Recycler that the HP 8610 machines “just got a mandatory (not preventable) firmware upgrade (overnight) that HP claims was needed for Windows 10 issues but just happens to also prevent use of refilled cartridges”, and which “also reports real HP cartridges as being empty even when they are not!”

Brandt added that “this was confirmed by LD Products’ customer support who [are] working on a solution with promises to replace all affected products as soon as they rectify the problem. In the meantime I have reset my printer to a static IP address with no access to the WAN. I plan to also block the MAC address of the printer just in case HP firmware has found a way to override my router’s block. HP SUCKS and has seen the last of my money!”

In turn, Steve Taraskevich stated that the warning “One or more cartridges appear to be damaged” appeared today for remanufactured cartridges that were fine yesterday. Unfortunately, automatic update feature was on. This MUST be illegal!”

Now, in addition, Graphicone OCP France’s Jos Westhovens has got in touch with The Recycler to state that “yes, we got the same problem” two days ago on both an OfficeJet Pro “and an 8615”, and he noted that the company “could only bypass the problem by installing on the 8610 an original 950 black and an original 951 cyan. We didn’t have original magenta and yellow in stock and left the magenta and yellow refilled cartridges [in] with a Static Control chip in the printer, [which] printed again after re-starting”.

“BUT this morning, two days later, again [we got] the message and printing [was] blocked. We replaced the magenta and yellow refilled cartridge for another new refilled cartridge, where we put a new SCC chip on, and no more message[s] and printing [is] possible [again]. It will work … for another two days??? To bypass this problem in the next days, we have to buy and install four original cartridges probably…”

Mark Cole also wrote in, stating that “this has just happened to me and after buying replacements which arrived today the exact same message has appeared, ‘one or more cartridges appears to be damaged’. Obviously I will never buy HP again but having spent money to buy the machine and £50 ($66/€58) on two sets of replacement cartridges I now cannot print anything, including just black and white printing.

“I run a small business and live far from any shops. This means that I can now no longer do my work. It just seems to feel it must be illegal to do this?”

If you’ve experienced issues with the same machines and cartridges, please let us know at The Recycler has contacted HP Inc for comment.

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