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More growth expectations for global printer supplies

July 18, 2016

Another market analyst has found that the global supplies market, focused just on cartridges, will see growth annually through to 2020.gnasscartridges

Research and Markets’ Global printer supplies market drivers, challenges and trends 2016 found that the global printer supplies market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.42 percent from 2016 to 2020, and noted that “to calculate the market size” and analyse it, its focus was only on “the revenue generated from the sales of printer supplies such as inks and toners”, and did not consider 3D printing supplies, “components used for the production of printer supplies”, cartridge refilling services or counterfeit products.

One of the main trends supporting this growth is said to be “the rising demand for digital printing”, as the “increasing replacement of traditional printing” with digital has “contributed to the market to a certain extent”, as with digital printing there are “advantages such as quicker turnaround time and lower cost”. Another was “increased demand for inkjet printers and wireless printers”, specifically thanks to “advances in inkjet printing technology”.

These include “the invention of UV-curable inkjet printers”, resulting in “increased demand”, and advantages including “greater speed, low production costs, and a wider range of applications”. Technological advances have also made inkjets “highly suitable” for further use across industry, particularly when considering “buying criteria such as quality, cost and durability”.

A few weeks ago, The Recycler reported on market analyst Technavio, and its prediction that the global printer supplies market would be worth over $33 billion (€29.7 billion), due to growth along the same lines.

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