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Mobile workers face challenges

June 21, 2017

Remote offices are an attractive alternative to conventional work space but they do come with challenges.

Forbes Middle East reported that more workers are embracing working from home or adapting to becoming more mobile as technology improves and enables their work to be done from anywhere.

Productivity is the employer’s priority and therefore remote workers have to be prepared for the challenges of being away from the office and still managing to get the work done. Although working at home can be more relaxed if a file is not saved or a link didn’t download access to that file is unavailable.

Within the office, this would be less of a problem but the article noted that with cloud technology files and documents can be saved to “secure locations” that are more accessible and they are available on any device as long as there is an internet connection.

Using public Wi-Fi networks are less secure and data may be at risk from hackers so it is recommended in the article that workers use their mobile phone Wi-Fi connection as they are more secure, when in doubt don’t use a connection that may not be secure.

Mobile cloud printing will solve the lack of or hard to access printers and employees can print securely to any networked printer and scanners that are not available are not really a problem either as mobile phones come with inbuilt cameras and invoices can be photographed and sent to directly to the appropriate department via Dropbox or another share point site.

When there is a chance of no internet available, the article suggests saving some work in advance on the laptop that can be worked on without the need for a connection. Meetings are much easier now than the old-fashioned conference call as the technology of apps on phones has progressed but there is always the option of face to face meetings if necessary.



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