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Mito: Thank you friends and partners

February 21, 2020

Mito sincerely thanks business partners and friends all over the world for their warm greetings and best regards. 

The COVID-19 outbreak that began in Wuhan, China late December 2019 has continued to spread, bringing shutdowns in extensive sectors including Mito. The company confirmed that since the outbreak began, thousands of medical masks have been flown to Mito.

Mito said: “We are deeply grateful for your help and donations. Thanks to the support of friends around the world, we can resume production safely and quickly.”

The government activated the emergency response in several cities and provinces and taking measures in its attempt to contain the epidemic. Mito confirmed that the company keeps firm with all prevention measures while fighting for a return to normality.

The company confirmed: “Nowadays, all measures have been well implemented, all employees are in good health, and all departments are on the ready-to-run model. We have reorganized the production to meet your requirements. As our work is proceeding as scheduled, if you have any questions or inquiries please feel free to contact us:”

The company added: “After every rain, comes the rainbow. Go Mito! Go Dinglong! Go Wuhan!”

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