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Mito and CEO win awards

June 5, 2017

Mito Color Imaging was awarded the ‘Outstanding Enterprise Award” while its CEO, Mary Ouyang, has been recognised as “2016 Outstanding Entrepreneur”.

Mito announced in a press release that the company had been awarded the “Outstanding Enterprise Award” on 10 May this year which was hosted by “Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Confederation and Guangdong Provincial Association of Entrepreneurs in Guangzhou” and the focus was on “innovation to improve efficiency, revitalisation to real economy”.

Mito said that the award showed its contribution to the economy in the province and also demonstrated customers recognition of “high quality products and excellent service” from Mito.

The company also took pride in Mary Ouyang, CEO of Mito who won the 2016 “Outstanding Entrepreneur” award on 23 May at the Guangdong Provincial Entrepreneurs Day and said that this will give her even “greater incentives to make continuous contribution for China’s consumables industry”.

Ouyang has been the CEO of Mito for 14 years and has made Mito’s business model into a good example for other entrepreneurs in the Chinese printing consumable business. Ouyang commented on her vision for the company: “The future of our role in the industry in the global market relies on corporate reputation and product quality; and quality is the only way for Chinese manufacturers to play a more and more role in the global printing consumables industry.”.


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