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MFPs enable secure printing

June 30, 2016

Safety when printing has become an office dilemma but with new technology that does not need to be the case.DELL

Accounting Today looked at solutions for printing documents more securely and noted that at some time or another everyone has left sensitive documents in the printer tray or forgotten them altogether but that there are other solutions to the problem.

MFPs use retrieval codes and other required authorization such as a “swipe card” and that although some of these are free there is still a cost to running them which may not be cost effective for everyone. Discussing the expense for smaller businesses the report continues to say that many solutions like “Papercut, Nuance, and PrinterLogic” are “complex and too expensive for smaller practices”.

How ever, Xerox PrintSafe, which works with EIP that is “embedded” in its “technology” that runs “apps directly on a printer or MFP” work well and that the licensing fee or $15 (€13) is not too expensive for the software and can be added to for extra devices at $200 (€179) for multiple licenses.

Depending on the make of printer there may be “there may be free or low-cost solutions to the print privacy problem” and that HP has some lucrative offers for some of their “their internet connected printers and MFPs as a function of the vendor’s JetAdvantage Private Print package” and that “This service is free with selected Laserjet and Officejet SMB printers and MFPs”.

The user sets up an internet account when first installing the printer or MFP and the document is then downloaded to the printer and the user then has to “connect to this account using the private print option in the printer or MFP’s app menu and select the document” thus the user is present when the document is printed.

If printing is done by a mobile device privacy can be obtained by using a free cloud print app to initiate the job whilst standing at the printer. Most printers are compatible with Cloud print including Epson, Brother, Canon and HP. The report concludes by saying that “with a bit of ingenuity you can keep your private documents safe from prying eyes, and do so with a limited or non-existent budget”.



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