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Metrofuser sets sights on acquisitions

July 30, 2018

The New Jersey-based printer parts manufacturer has announced it is developing a team of corporate staff specialising in acquisitions.

The new team will be tasked with identifying and examining potential candidates for purchase, before undertaking a detailed analysis and valuation, and “all actions necessary to consummate an acquisition.”

The acquisitions staff will specialise in serving OEMs, financial institutions, workout consultants, and corporations, as well as individual businesses. According to the company, Metrofuser will “access the highest return on valued assets, with a highly strategised disposition plan, expertly crafted targeted marketing, and precise execution.”

Metrofuser also boasts of its “experience in successfully integrating acquisitions,” and how it can typically complete integration within 90 days of acquisition. “The company’s decentralised management structure minimises many of the issues that typically arise in conjunction with the integration of acquired companies,” Metrofuser adds.

Co-President and Chief Operating Officer Will DeMuth explained: “Our goal with each acquisition is to make the process as efficient as possible, and minimise the disruption. That way, the team at the operating company can continue to concentrate their efforts on providing outstanding service to their customers.”

Earlier this year, Metrofuser was named as one of New Jersey’s Top Privately Held Companies by NJ BIZ, as it celebrated its fifteenth anniversary as a company.

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