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Metrofuser reveals new upgraded packaging

February 20, 2019

Metrofuser, a U.S.-based technology solutions company, has announced it is introducing ProPack, a new packaging system, across its line of printer parts.

Featuring its first ever retail box, the upgraded packaging is part of an extensive rebranding exercise which will see the company transition from its brown box to a single, common identity for its aftermarket businesses.

Since 2003, Metrofuser says the company has been committed to improving quality and value at every level. Metrofuser worked with packing engineers to develop high-quality packaging designed to convey and extend brand quality while maintaining anonymity for its customers.

The ProPack protects printer parts post sale and fulfils the company’s desire to provide a container aesthetically able to set its product apart from the brown box competitors in the industry, explains Metrofuser.

The retail branded box design follows extensive research with the company’s global customer base. During this time a number of different boxes and label options were researched with customers across North and South America. The result was improved brand equity and an incremental reduction to damage in transit.

“While inspiring confidence in technicians,” declares Metrofuser, “ProPack also offers a vital competitive advantage to resellers that are selling in a market filled with traditional brown boxed packaging. Non descriptive artwork promises to maintain anonymity for the installer and resellers while communicating greater equity.”

ProPack Will Be Implemented on Metrofuser’s

  • Laser Printer Fuser
  • Transfer Belts
  • Paper Trays 
  • Optional Paper Feeders
  • Maintenance Kits
  • Printers

“We’re excited with the outcome,” said Will DeMuth, Co-President, Metrofuser. “The new packaging is clean, fresh and modern. It reflects the new brand identity and product quality. ProPack will protect blind drop shipping resellers as well as protecting our parts.”

Creating a design that will display prominently on its customer’s shelves was just one of many factors the company considered, in order to arrive at a significantly enhanced packaging solution. “We know that quality is important, so we have invested in a new design for protection during transport and storage,” adds DeMuth. “We also know that every square inch on our customer’s shelves counts, so we are improving the size and orientation of our boxes too. Optimising shelf space and reducing waste makes for a more customer friendly solution.

“Metrofuser and Hughes Enterprises have been partnering  for over 10 years in producing the highest quality packaging.” said Neal Magaziner, President, Hughes Enterprises. “Our joint focus has been on sustainability, protection, cube reduction and graphic design. The team at Metrofuser came to us with a bold new concept for their Fuser corrugated boxes to help provide their customers’ products with a fresh, new retail look.  Working with our design and art departments we were able to help take their vision and display it on their new packaging.  It is a pleasure to continue to partner with this forward thinking company.”

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