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Metrofuser promotes remanufacturing partnerships

January 16, 2019

Laser printer parts manufacturer Metrofuser has introduced a new program for the toner remanufacturing industry which the company says is improving aftermarket toner performance and customer satisfaction.

According to Metrofuser, the popularity of aftermarket toner continues to rise as consumers have started to accept OEM alternatives as a less expensive, viable option.  In recent years, however, some of the toner particulate used to refill these cartridges has seen a greater degree of variability, whether it be size, coarseness or melting point when compared to original equipment manufacturer toner. These variables sometimes cause image defects, such as blurred print and poor toner adhesion.

Metrofuser explains that the company developed its variable fusing technology to allow the company to benchmark the biometric markers of toner remanufactures then work backward to develop solutions.

“Essentially what we are doing is “tuning” the fuser to match the chemistry of a particular toner remanufacturer,” said William DeMuth, Chief Operating Officer. “Marrying our technology with their chemistry offers a better outcome for the customer. It also allows toner remanufacturers to hone their quality to a greater degree and take custody of their downstream supplies market.”

Metrofuser is developing a database and cataloguing various toner remanufacturers’ markers. The company has matched various toner remanufacturers’ chemistry and is working with industry leaders to develop solutions for the popular HP M600 and P4015 series printer. Metrofuser reveals the company has working relationships with numerous aftermarket companies and non-disclosure agreements (NDA) are available for new partners.

“Boutique manufacturers like Metrofuser are positioned ideally for this growing market segment,” DeMuth said. “Metrofuser has pioneered the experience and blueprinted the system. Customised programs and direct customer experience are also hallmarks of Metrofuser.”

With fusers and maintenance kits sales velocity at a 1 to 10 ratio to toner cartridges, Metrofuser says industry insiders will see the market potential and impact.

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