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Metrofuser announces printer service training dates

February 7, 2013

trainingRemanufacturer of laser printer parts releases details of training for repair and service of HP laser printers.

Metrofuser has announced that it will run printer service training and certification courses in April and May at its training centres in Santa Ana, California and Roselle, New Jersey; with the courses being aimed at entry-level technicians, help desk personnel, government technicians, repair/call centre personnel, hardware manufacturer technicians, copier technicians and sales/customer service personnel.

The range of courses will focus on the repair and service of a number of HP laser printers and will count towards Metrofuser’s factory certification training, with each course being limited to eight attendees, making booking essential.

The ServicePlus training consists of a mixture of collaborative disciplines, parts theory, service management and general printer repair, with students being faced with hands-on, real-life scenarios for each technology element requiring repair. Metrofuser states that the training “will provide technicians with all of the comprehensive skills needed by a novice and will prove to be more than sufficient for the industry expert looking to get certified”, claiming it to be one of the only suites of courses covering the management side of the field service industry.

The dates of the courses will be 8 to 12 April in Santa Ana, California and 6 to 10 May in Roselle, New Jersey, with each day of the week focusing on a different topic under the following programme:

Mondays: HP 4200/4300/4250/4350 laser printers

Tuesdays: New HP network printer communications details

Wednesdays: HP 4600/4650/5500 laser printers

Thursdays: HP 9000/9050 laser printers

Fridays: HP 4014/4015/4515/M601/M602/M603 laser printers

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