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Metrofuser announces printer firmware library

October 4, 2019

The firmware library allows printer service technicians to fully control laser printer firmware upgrades and roll backs.

Laser printer parts manufacturer Metrofuser has announced it has developed one of the largest archives for laser printer firmware. Since 2010 the company has been archiving multi generations of printer firmware and their engineers have developed a process to rewrite firmware to flash cards allowing the company to stock popular versions of laser printer firmware.

Firmware upgrades are an ongoing challenge for the aftermarket. In July The Recycler reported that almost 1,000 firmware upgrades were issued by the OEMs in 2018, with HP issuing 371 firmware upgrades alone.

“What’s exciting is that in 2010 we developed a process to extract the firmware and save it. Prior to that time, companies were limited to whatever firmware was physically available,” said Will DeMuth, Chief of Operations. “Printer service providers can custom order firmware version and receive it in a flash card format,” he added.

The company has created images of popular laser printer firmware, so printer service technicians can get the latest version or a particular version. According to Metrofuser if the OEM ever makes firmware updates unavailable as they typically do, Metrofuser will still have them in stock, maintaining an endless supply.

Since firmware changes are one of the top printer problems, the firmware library has become an extension of the companies printer service advisory program. Some of the top printer service organisations in the US work with Metrofuser to gain access to the archive.

Metrofuser said: “This solution allows printer service technicians to fully control laser printer firmware upgrades and roll backs.”

Firmware – The ongoing Challenge

During the upcoming Remanexpo show, as part of The Recycler Live programme, The Recycler is organising a Firmware Forum to bring together the widest cross-section of the industry and market to explore the best ways to protect the consumers right to choose the consumables they want.

To join the Firmware Forum please email Joe Reader on

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