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Memjet releases new inkjet technology platform

October 5, 2017

Memjet’s global HQ in San Diego, California

Following on from its pioneering technology of a decade ago, Memjet has launched an additional inkjet technology platform that will benefit high-volume print markets.

Memjet recently announced the release of an innovative new inkjet technology platform called DuraLink, which combines long-life printheads, pigment ink and flexible modules to provide OEM partners with a speedy and efficient way to develop solutions for high-volume commercial, packaging and industrial printing markets.

Memjet showcased DuraLink, as well as its predecessor, released 10 years ago, at the PRINT 17 trade show, which was held in Chicago, Illinois, between September 10-14 2017.

Memjet’s general manager of commercial printing, Eric Owen, said, “Memjet set out to develop an additional inkjet technology that would bring quality, speed and affordability to high-volume markets. To be successful, this technology also needed to keep pace with the rapid rate of change happening in the industry. The result of this effort is DuraLink. By bringing together a long-life printhead, durable pigment ink, 100 inches (2.5 meter) maximum print width and a range of versatile modules, DuraLink enables the rapid, cost-effective development of next-generation solutions for commercial, packaging and industrial printing markets.”

DuraLink features a new long-life printhead with 5x nozzle redundancy across 70, 400 nozzles. As there are 5 nozzles printing each pixel column, if one jet fails, this will make little difference to the quality of the printed image, thus ensuring high reliability.

These long-life printheads enable longer print runs and require less maintenance than others, and their new design means that printing companies no longer need to worry about the cost and complexity of adding additional print bars or instating expensive image-quality monitoring systems.

“Businesses report that a key benefit of inkjet has been the way it greatly simplifies the print production process while still achieving the level of quality their customers demand,” explains Owen. “DuraLink now brings those benefits to markets that require longer print runs, making the production of these jobs faster, less expensive and easier than had been previously possible.”

DuraLink modules also provide OEMs with the building blocks to design and create a custom printing solution specific to their applications. These standardised modules provide the system capabilities of fluidics, maintenance,  and data channel management for Memjet printheads and inks, resulting in architectural system stability and design flexibility.

This enables swift and cost-effective development of solutions which, according to Memjet, meet the demands of specific markets.

DuraLink’s pigment-based printing platform also allows providers to achieve the durability level that is required for various applications in commercial printing, packing printing, and industrial printing.

“There are new opportunities being created in the printing industry today,” says Owen, “but to capture these opportunities, printers will need affordable solutions that enable them to economically produce high-volume jobs for different markets with the quality their customers demand. With the release of DuraLink, Memjet ensures that printers will have the resources they need to capture opportunities today and well into the future.”

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