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Marimon changes to FTG Texas

June 29, 2020

Marimon, a provider of secured national managed print services and subsidiary to Flex Technology Group (FTG), announced its corporate name change to FTG Texas (FTG-TX) effective 1 July 2020.

The company’s key executives, employees, and headquarters will remain in Houston, Texas and it will maintain its supporting offices in Dallas, Texarkana, and El Dorado.

After successfully completing its integration with Flex Technology Group, Marimon will officially move forward as FTG Texas. FTG said that the rebranding allows FTG-TX to further align itself with Flex Technology Group and present a more unified front as they continue to grow into one of the largest office technology companies in the nation.

“This name change will build upon the successful business that Marimon has today and positions us for further growth opportunities,” said Ron Nielson, President of FTG-TX, “Our commitment to our employees, customers, and partners remains our highest priority as we continue to establish ourselves as an industry innovator focused on exceptional customer service.”

In addition to its new corporate name, the company has also introduced a new web address and updated website. FTG Texas can now be found at

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