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Marco launches new partner programme

March 25, 2020

Marco announced the launch of a new partner programme that allows certified partners to resell its Managed IT Services.

Marco’s Managed IT Services offer technical expertise that helps companies manage their complex infrastructures and end users. These security-focused services include unlimited help desk support, managed network services, security applications and training, risk management services and more. The services allow organisations to stay up to date with the latest business technologies without adding expenses or staff through receiving regular maintenance upgrades to their IT infrastructure and applications, Marco explained.

Jake Vande Hey, Channel Sales Director, said the programme offers partners several valuable benefits.

“Besides offering our partners more wallet share with a premium solution to sell, our Managed IT Services provide valuable insight and analytics into their customers’ infrastructures. We can offer critical technology roadmaps and lifecycle asset planning for their customers. This enables our partners to see and address issues more easily and take advantage of ongoing sales opportunities for expanding into the account,” said Vande Hey.

Partners will have the option to sell any additional solutions identified by Marco through Marco’s partner programme or through another provider.

“Most companies don’t have critical strategies nailed down and they need help—from backup strategies to work-from-home-strategies. With Managed IT Services, they’ll get consultation from us on technical strategy, budget planning, timeframes and implementation. Ultimately, we’re mutually serving end users and giving them better outcomes,” added Vande Hey.   

Matt Kanaskie, VP of IT Sales, said Managed IT Services also allow partners and end users to take advantage of the highest-level security solutions at an affordable cost.

“The sophistication we’re offering around our security solutions within Managed IT takes a lot of training, money and expertise to acquire. Most companies don’t have ability to hire people with our level of expertise. We offer them Fortune 500-level IT and security services at a per-user basis without having to buy the technology or hire the people to implement and support it,” said Kanaskie.

Kanaskie said Marco’s Managed IT Services also offer channel partners a way to improve customer retention by broadening and enhancing their offerings.

“As technology becomes more complex, more companies are looking for a single-source technology provider. Marco’s Managed IT Services give partners who offer a narrower solution set an effective way to offer a broader and more comprehensive set of solutions,” Kanaskie added.

Certified partners will also have access to Marco’s training specialists and proposal team, so they will know how best to promote the services and get the best price for everyone.

More than anything, Kanaskie said Marco’s Managed IT offers partners and end users 24/7 peace of mind.

“Managed IT doesn’t get sick, take vacation or go home at five pm. It also doesn’t consume health insurance and other benefits that many companies are trying to put a cap on. Managed IT is already prepared to support your entire your company even if it’s a remote workforce. That’s never been more real than right now,” he said.

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