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Malaysia to destroy RM2.5million worth of counterfeit goods

October 16, 2017

The seized haul comprises fake toner cartridges, among other fraudulent items.

RM2.5million ($592, 853/ €502,088) worth of counterfeit and illegal goods, seized in Selangor over the last five years, are to be destroyed by the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry in Malaysia, the New Straits Times reports.

Azman Adam, State Chief Enforcement Officer, said that the majority of the goods – which included fake branded clothing, stationery, compact discs and mobile phone accessories – were counterfeit toner cartridges. “The printer ink cartridges were produced using emptied cartridges from a certain brand before refilling them with low-quality ink,” he said.

The premises involved in the manufacturing of the fake goods were raided following tip-offs from members of the public, as well as from the original manufacturers themselves.

“Besides our own monitoring and surveillance, regular customers of a certain product, who are able to differentiate between a fake and an original item, and manufacturers of the original products had helped us,” Adam explained. “Some of the manufacturers had even followed us to the ground during raids to check on premises suspected to be selling fake items. They helped us by identifying the differences in ingredients used in a product.”

Under Malaysian law, producing and selling counterfeit goods is a major offence. The goods are to be destroyed according to a court order, pertaining to the Supply Control Act 1961; the Copyright Act 1987; the Consumer Protection Act 1999; the Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Act 2011; and the Trade Descriptions Act 2011.

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