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LVL seeks to maximise cartridge collection

October 16, 2017

LVL’s Philippe Guenin

The company’s new web and mobile solution allows LVL to buy back usable empty ink cartridges, giving them a “second life.”

Actu released a video interview with the CEO of La Chevroliére-based company, LVL, Philippe Guénin, regarding the company’s new website, This web and mobile solution allows the public to return their empty ink cartridges in return for a small fee, with a few simple clicks of a button, and also gives you the option of ordering both new and remanufactured cartridges.

This internet platform has been up and running for several months now, and it is hoped the site will serve as an inspiration to individuals and businesses to reuse empty ink cartridges.

“Just 17.5 percent of the inkjet cartridges put on the market today are collected after use. They are mostly used by individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Conversely, laser cartridges, used by companies, are collected at close to 85 percent. Today we need to educate consumers about inkjet cartridges to encourage collection. ”

Selecteo only purchases empty ink cartridges that can be reused; people can use a chronopost prepaid label for shipments of a value above €20. Cartridges that are too damaged to be reused are “directed to appropriate recycling solutions as part of the environmental code solutions.”

Guénin explained, “The site refuses to offer new” compatible “or” generic “cartridges for sale. These have a high environmental impact. They do not usually have re-employment or end-of-life solutions that are really satisfactory.”

LVL, described by Actu as “a major player in the sector”, sorted a gargantuan 4, 700, 000 in 2016, restoring the cartridges to working order and refilling them with ink. The benefits of such restoration include a cheaper price for consumers, as well as a lower impact on the environment.

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