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Luke Goldberg exits Clover

November 25, 2019

Goldberg takes to LinkedIn to announce his departure from Clover.

In a post on LinkedIn Goldberg confirms he is “no longer at Clover and was seeking my next opportunity where I can leverage the experience I gained working for world class companies such as MSE and Clover.”

Goldberg joined the industry way back in 1997 with Nukote International where he spent four years as Director of Sales.

For fourteen years Goldberg was the front man at MSE, build the companies MSE brand and reputation and was a prominent and respected speaker at industry events around the world. His honest, no nonsense approach to the market won him respect throughout the channel.

Following the clover acquisition in 2014 Goldberg was appointed EVP Global Sales and Marketing Clover Imaging Group with strategic oversight, implementation and management of Clover/MSE’S business development throughout Mexico, Latin America, and other ROW markets.

Commenting on his exit from Clover, Goldberg said “I do want to thank Clover for 5+ great years.  I gained immeasurable insight there from a great group of executives and also the exceptional people that worked for me.  Don’t know what the next step is for me but I am bullish about the future be it in the imaging space or wherever I can bring passion, innovation and increased shareholder value.”

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