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LMI launches year-in-review video for dealers

November 7, 2014

Gary Willert, President and CEO of LMI Solutions

Gary Willert, President and CEO of LMI Solutions

The remanufacturer produced the video to present its “strategic activities and acquisitions throughout 2014”.

The new video, called LMI NEWS, is said by the company to break “the mould of traditional text-based communications”, and is two minutes long, having been professionally produced “to help LMI dealers fully leverage their partnership with LMI”. It was previewed at the recent Executive Connection Summit in Phoenix, Arizona, which LMI also sponsored.

The company stated that the video was shown to “industry executives”, and “encapsulates LMI’s strategic activities and acquisitions throughout 2014 and how dealers can benefit accordingly”. The company acquired printer remanufacturers Printersdirect and Global Printer Services earlier this year, and also received the R2 certification for recycling. LMI believes that the video “is the first of its kind in the industry” and is aimed to ensure dealers “know the advantages they have” as a customer.

The video is available to view online at, and the company added that “amidst all the industry mergers, acquisitions and OEM distribution changes” in 2014, demand for its “award-winning toner cartridges and MPS infrastructure has surged”, whilst dealer feedback “continues to reflect the preference of a manufacturer-direct relationship” in order to “control their margins and differentiate themselves from competition”.

Gary Willert, President and CEO of LMI Solutions, stated: “Everybody knows there’s a lot of business on the table in the fourth quarter of the year and we want to make sure we’re doing everything we can to make sure our LMI dealers get more than their fair share. Rather than send our dealers another document to read, we thought a quick video showcasing what we’ve done to invest in their success would be fitting at this time of year.”

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