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LMI launches colour profitability competition

October 23, 2015

LMI Solutions profit challengeThe remanufacturer is looking to help dealers and “those who make toner buying decisions” realise how much they could make with LMI’s new Max-Life colour series.

The online contest is available to dealers selling “colour toner-included” cost-per-page programmes, with participants qualifying for a chance to win thousands of dollars in prizes by answering three “quick profitability questions” comparing popular OEM colour toner yields to the remanufacturer’s new extended-yield solution.

LMI also previously launched a colour challenge to challenge dealers to tell the difference between OEM colour toner and its own colour toner technology in May.

Gary Willert, President and CEO of LMI Solutions, said: “We had over 500 participants through our initial LMI Colour Challenge to prove the quality of our new colour toner technology, and now people can take this new challenge to calculate their profit potential with our new MAX-LIFE longer yield colour cartridges.

“We think the imaging industry is at the same tipping point in accepting aftermarket colour toner that we saw happen with monochrome a decade ago, and if early demand is any indication of our dealer’s appetite for longer yield colour cartridges, these new products will be a disruptive advantage for LMI dealers pricing any cost-per-page colour deal.”

Click on this link to take the challenge:

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