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LMI launches colour challenge

May 8, 2015

lmicolourchallengeThe US remanufacturer has challenged dealers to take a 90 second test to “tell the difference between OEM colour toner” and its own colour toner technology.

The challenge, called ‘COLOUR TONER CHALLENGE’, is aimed at dealers, who can visit the website at to “see if they can distinguish between colour pages printed with OEM colour toner versus LMI’s new colour toner technology”. A selection of “great prizes” is available for those taking part, regardless of “whether you select the page printed with OEM colour toner or LMI’s new colour toner technology”.

To take part, dealers visit the website and “register to select from the printed samples”, and once they’ve selected the page “they believe was printed with OEM toner”, the correct answer is “revealed” and includes “real time polling results” to show the “actual selections made by other dealers”. Prize winners will be announced after the challenge closes on 30 June.

Gary Willert, President and CEO of LMI Solutions, stated:  “We can’t believe the positive response the COLOUR CHALLENGE has received since we launched on 1 May, and the results prove now is the time to revisit your colour strategy with LMI Solutions. Everybody knows there’s a huge profit opportunity associated with converting OEM colour toner users to aftermarket colour, and we thought this type of blind taste test was an engaging way to have dealers see how strong our new colour technology is in a fun way.”

The company added that it has invested over $1 million (€892,810) over the last year to “ensure dealers receive the same quality in LMI colour cartridges as they have come to expect in LMI’s award-winning monochrome products”. This has been spent on “expansion of colour production facilities, new premium colour quality components, new colour screening technology and enhanced quality inspection of every colour cartridge to deliver a whole new colour experience at the end user level”.

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