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LMI fire – all safe!

May 23, 2017

The fire broke out at the Mexico facility, Guanajuato, last weekend causing some interruption to production at the plant.

In a press release, LMI Solutions reported that the fire was confined to one area, and although there is an ongoing investigation by officials at present, all other areas are still operational. The company’s top priority was the welfare of their employees as well as the safety of local residents.

LMI has made plans to move staff from the fire damaged area to other facilities so that production is not interrupted and there is no disruption to customers.

Gary Willert, President and CEO, LMI, commented: “Thankfully, the fire occurred on the weekend when none of our staff was present. While the loss is unfortunate we are grateful for the safety of all four hundred of our staff members, as this is a family owned company and we consider our employees part of our extended family.  We have the most tenured and experienced manufacturing team in the industry, and I am confident we will quickly recover and be stronger than ever.”

The company’s US warehouses are fully stocked and it is unlikely to have any untoward effect on customers and management are confident of a rapid recovery. The company also stated that more information is being sought and to contact an LMI Solutions representative for updates on the situation.



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