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LightWords reaches double digits

December 12, 2018

Peter Mayhew

Research and consultancy business, LightWords Imaging, has now been in business for a decade, and to celebrate its 10th birthday The Recycler has been catching up with Director and Senior Analyst Peter Mayhew.

LightWords Imaging is a UK-based company which specialises in custom research and consulting projects, during which it conducts research, and then provides analysis, interpretation and consultation based on its market findings.

When asked how the company first came to be founded, Mayhew explained, “It was as a result of joining Lyra Research in 2004, representing their research and consulting services in Europe, that led to the formation of Lightwords four years later. We never initially intended to trade the Lightwords brand but, following the acquisition of Lyra Research by the Photizo Group, we decided to change direction and “go-it alone”. We chose to focus the company initially on wide format markets because this market was exploding, and demand was high for insight into applications.”

For Mayhew, the work seems to be partly a labour of love. 

“When you produce a report or conclude a project for a client and you then watch them implement the results and yield the success, that is very rewarding. Especially when major brands cite your research in the public domain.”

As well as turning 10 this year, LightWords has also celebrated the launch of its new website. Looking to the future, Mayhew states, “We’re not planning to build an enterprise. I’ll be happy if we can remain profitable, lean and agile. Most of all, I would like to see us simply respected for the depth of the industry knowledge and insight of our people.”

To read the full story, check out our full-length feature, which will be appearing in Issue 315.

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