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Lexmark unveils new colour laser printers

June 22, 2012

New C740 series features high-speed ethernet connection and a 4.3 inch touchscreen.

Lexmark has announced the release of a new series of colour laser printers targeted towards small workgroups.

The C740 series will print at 1200dpi resolution and at 33 pages per minute (ppm), gigabit-speed ethernet and a 4.3 inch touchscreen. Lexmark claim that the C740 series can print up to 12,000 pages per cartridge, and the devices have a paper capacity of 4,300 sheets.

In addition to the C740, the X740 was announced. Described as the multifunction equivalent, the X740 series supports printing, scanning, copying and faxing and has a larger seven inch screen. Although details are light, other applications may be installed on the device.

Marty Canning, Lexmark Executive Vice President and President of Imaging Solutions and Services, commented: “Lexmark’s innovative smart devices are a key vehicle in providing advanced features and unique bundles of end-to-end solutions to our customers.

“[They] can depend on these high-calibre products for a wide range of needs – from printing vibrant customer-facing collateral and signage to advanced scanning in order to streamline heavy, paper-based activities such as employee overboarding, invoice processing and other key business processes.”

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