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Lexmark opens up cloud platform

August 13, 2020

The new integration with printers manufactured by other companies is now available for ANZ channel partners through Lexmark’s Cloud Fleet Management.

Lexmark announced the expansion of its Cloud Services platform to enable channel partners to monitor customer printers manufactured by other companies through a single portal. The new integration, called Fleet Agent, is now available free of cost to accredited partners in Australia and New Zealand.

Lexmark’s Fleet Agent is a data collector which resides on the customers’ premises on a hosted computer. This data is managed under the Lexmark Cloud Fleet Management portal to give channel partners a single view that allows them to monitor a multi-brand printer fleet.

The latest iteration of Lexmark’s Cloud Fleet Management was especially designed for channel partners to deliver better support managing all business activities of their clients in distributed environments, with existing resources and in an integrated cloud environment.

The monitoring capability of the cloud-based software allows partners to replace onsite visits and redundant service calls with remote assistance leveraging insights on current supplies usage for printers of all brands and on the physical conditions of the printers, in the case of the sensor-equipped machines manufactured by Lexmark. The cloud software also automatically displays daily page counts for billing without having to contact end-customers.

Stephen Dubois, Sales General Manager for Australia and New Zealand at Lexmark said: “Our new cloud capability takes away some of the time and cost burden that printer resellers have to take on when servicing customers with a fleet of machines of different brands. By having oversight of the entire fleet’s toner and supplies usage, our channel partners can offer greater value and effectively become a ‘one-stop’ for customer service.”

“We also recognise that channel partners work with different brands. This software update is a practical response to this reality and a renewed commitment to empowering our channel partners to deliver the best value to their customers today,” he added.

Lexmark’s Fleet Agent is now available through the Cloud Services platform to all end- customers and to all channel partners certified by Lexmark Connect partner program at no extra cost.

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