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Lexmark launches Smart MFPs in Caribbean

June 11, 2013

Navin Deo and Rene Vela. Credit T&T Guardian

Navin Deo and Rene Vela. Credit T&T Guardian

New Smart Multifunctional Printers from OEM aim to reduce excessive printing costs.

T&T Guardian reports on Lexmark’s release of 18 new Smart MFPs, which provide businesses with “embedded solutions for content and document workflow management” and “boost productivity by automating workflow and approval processes”, as well as helping companies to reduce printing costs.

Navin Deo, Territory Manager for Lexmark in the Caribbean, explained that the printers allow users to “monitor what is being printed, the time of day it is printed and the volume”, with applications accessed through the devices’ touchscreens. “We help all business to manage how much they print, we offer cost savings to the organisation. Most organisations are unaware of how much it costs them in printing every month,” Deo added.

The printers offer security features to ensure documents remain confidential, including the blocking of certain key words from being printed and the ability for users to control when a document is printed using its ‘print release’ feature, which stops a document from being printed until it is authenticated by the user.

The use of mobile technology is also enabled, with the printers being compatible with Apple and Android devices. Furthermore, the printer drivers are claimed to be all universal and documents can be printed directly from a USB drive.

Rene Vela, General Manager for Lexmark in the Caribbean region, said: “One of our strengths over time is that we are a company focused on printing and documents, so we are very flexible to our customers’ needs,” adding that companies are able to customise software to suit their particular requirements.

The launch of Lexmark’s Smart MFPs comes as the company exits the inkjet market and instead focuses on providing solutions to the corporate and business sectors through hardware as well as software; and Deo said that the OEM has had a strong presence in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean region “for many years” which continues to grow as the market develops, commenting: “We still have a lot more, a whole lot of potential for us, it is a vibrant, growing market.” He added that in particular, Lexmark is successful in the region’s banking, insurance and government sectors.

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