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Lexmark launches second accessibility solution designed for visually impaired

September 18, 2012

OEM develops further software to improve printer accessibility for visually impaired users.

Following on from the development of the Lexmark Accessibility Speech Solution reported by The Recycler in March, Lexmark has announced a second feature designed to provide people with visual impairments with easier access to its printers, reports Albawaba.

The company’s newly launched Accessibility Solution for MFPs enables users to perform tasks usually controlled from an MFP’s touch-screen from another device, using web-based software that allows access to the MFP from a computer or mobile device connected to the MFP’s network, including devices designed specifically for those with visual impairments.

Instead of being required to operate the MFP using a touch panel on the device, which can often prove challenging for those with visual impairments, the Lexmark Accessibility Solution will mean that users can set up printing, scanning, copying, emailing and faxing jobs directly from their workstation. The job is then assigned a number displayed on the workstation screen, with the details being sent to the MFP. Users can then go to the MFP and enter the job number using an accessible number keypad and the job is completed.

Speaking on Lexmark’s newly developed accessibility solutions, Mathias Militzer, General Manager, Lexmark International Middle East commented: “These applications are specifically designed to help those with visual impairments to work with technology that to this point has been unavailable to them. This also gives users the ability to manage documents and automate paper intensive tasks, using audio feedback and the ability to manage and control these devices through an interface better designed to meet their requirements. The Accessibility Solution is now being made available across the Middle East region.”

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