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Lexmark launches new CPI as a Service

May 15, 2019

The OEM announced the availability of Lexmark Cloud Print Infrastructure (CPI), a complete as-a-service solution that utilises IoT and cloud technologies to take its industry-leading managed print services (MPS) offering to a new level.

This completely new approach to enterprise print enables IT departments to reduce costs by removing infrastructure and management burden, while ensuring a higher level of user experience, according to Lexmark.

With Lexmark CPI, customers access a modern, secure print environment through a subscription service in which they pay for print capacity rather than owning and managing the physical infrastructure.

“As organisations seek to remove IT complexity, Lexmark Cloud Print Infrastructure as a Service builds on Lexmark’s MPS leadership to simplify how our customers approach print. We can now take on a full range of their print infrastructure challenges, allowing the customer to focus on the print capacity they need while we take care of the rest,” said Allen Waugerman, Lexmark senior vice president and chief technology officer.

Data-based Print Fleet Design provides customers a more standardised and connected fleet of devices. Using best-in-class benchmark data, Lexmark hardware deployment plans address current use patterns, security protections and future print and scan needs, resulting in a custom fleet design that will scale to meet changing needs. The devices are owned and managed by Lexmark, providing potential flexibility in operating expense accounting.

Cloud Print Management enables customers to eliminate the physical infrastructure required to support the print environment, including on-premises print servers, print server provisioning, driver deployment and user management. Instead of sending documents through a print server to a designated print device, documents are transferred to the Lexmark Cloud where they are held until a user logs in or authenticates at the printer.

Features include Secure Print Release, Mobile Print and a Hybrid Option.

“Lexmark MFPs are smart IoT devices,” Waugerman said. “We apply Big Data analytics to sensor output that enables smart services, allowing us to actually predict device needs and take pre-emptive action to maximise uninterrupted uptime, including automatic supplies replenishment and predictive service.”

Cloud Print Infrastructure as a Service is available in the USA directly from Lexmark.

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