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Lexmark acquires healthcare software company

January 3, 2013

OEM announces $45 million acquisition of Minneapolis-based Acuo Technologies. reports that Lexmark has acquired healthcare software company Acuo Technologies for $45 million (€34 million) in the OEM’s sixth technology acquisition since mid-2010.

Acuo Technologies provides its Universal Clinical Platform software for hospitals and other healthcare providers, with the software enabling easy access to medical images such as X-rays and MRI scans regardless of whether they were in different databases so that doctors and other healthcare workers can get a “unified view of everything about a particular patient”.

The newly acquired firm will be integrated into Lexmark’s Perceptive Software unit, which Lexmark purchased in mid-2010 and has since incorporated a number of other firms into as the company focuses more on its computer software and services as a way of dealing with the financial struggles faced by many OEMs.

Ken Woodruff, Healthcare Industry Director at Lexmark, commented: “Perceptive was already managing all kinds of other related content like prescriptions, progress notes, medical orders and that sort of thing […] This is really about improving the quality of care and reducing costs, which you hear a lot about in the news these days. This is one of the key enabling technologies to make that possible.”

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