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Lenovo to replace HP as leading PC manufacturer

October 11, 2012

Research firm’s figures show Chinese manufacturer Lenovo’s PC sales overtook HP in 3Q12.

BBC News reports that HP may have been overtaken as the world’s leading PC maker, according to preliminary figures from research firm Gartner which show that Lenovo PC shipments reached 13.8 million units compared to HP’s 13.55 million in 3Q12.

Gartner stated that Lenovo had improved on its sales after “acquiring other vendors” and taking “an aggressive position on pricing, especially in the professional market”, thus the company has significantly gained market shares and exceeded regional average growth rates in all regions, with the company being “the only PC manufacturer among the world’s top five that increased its shipments to the US” during 3Q12.

However, research firm IDC’s figures showed that HP remained in the top position with 13.9 million units, but with the gap between the top two companies beginning to close.

Andrew Milroy, Analyst at Frost & Sullivan, spoke of Lenovo’s progress: “Just the momentum that Lenovo has had, makes it inevitable that it will be the world’s number one PC maker across all charts.”

Figures from both Gartner and IDC showed that PC shipments declined by more than eight percent during the quarter, with Jay Chou, Senior Research Analyst at IDC commenting that “PC’s are going through a severe slump […] the industry had already weathered a rough second quarter, and now the third quarter was even worse.”

The Recycler reported that hardcopy peripheral shipments fell 8.4 percent in Q212 compared to the same quarter in 2011, but that the shipment of wireless devices saw a year-on-year growth of five percent.

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