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LD Products’ Vice President profiled

March 30, 2017

The profile reveals how Hilda Fontana, Vice President of Technology, has been making “impressive advancements to [LD Products’] technology business operations” bringing a wealth of past experience to the business.

Fontana has “impressive” experience, having been in other technical executive positions at TOMS, the Oprah Winfrey Network and the Lehman Brothers, and she is now “leading the way” at LD Products – the company stated – and has brought “insight and influence to the company’s technical business decisions and direction”.

As the Vice President, Fonatana is responsible for “UX and IT departments”, and oversees “all aspects of technology and engineering” within the company, and she recently introduced an “agile approach” to the business plans, as well as also having applied this approach to changing into a “fully responsive web site”.

Fontana’s understanding of the business, the company notes, is “shaping the technical direction of the company” and her focus on LD Product’s growth is helping to shape the “technical direction of the company”. She stated that “to adapt the right technologies, we have to cohesively balance the needs of the business and the customer. To be impactful, my team has integrated an ongoing analysis of current and future technical trends into our strategy, giving the business a competitive edge in an evolving market”.

Aaron Leon, CEO of LD Products, said: “Hilda is an expert in her field, and her guidance and management style have been a powerful asset to LD’s technology team. Her presence has greatly influenced internal and external technical operations which directly translates to a better shopping experience for our customers.”

Fontana is appearing as a panellist at the Magento Imagine 2017 conference in April, where she will share her technical wisdom with those from the e-commerce community.


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