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LD Products partners with Evergage

June 11, 2018

The printer and office supply company has joined up with the one-to-one platform company to improve its e-commerce offering for its customers, and to make it easier for online shoppers to find relevant products and content.

Founded in 1999 as a printer supplies company, LD Products has diversified its offerings and strategy in recent years. The company wanted to use personalisation to highlight the newer, office-supply portion of its business – showcasing various items (from desk organisers to sticky notes, etc.) likely to resonate with individual visitors, based on their behaviours and history, and item popularity. Hindered by limitations with its previous, third-party personalisation solution, LD Products evaluated more than a dozen other providers before selecting and implementing Evergage.

“From the beginning, we were impressed by Evergage’s ease of use for marketers and ‘white-box’ approach,” said Hayley Kuan, Testing and Optimisation Manager, LD Products. “Before, when we wanted to change site experiences, it was a lengthy process – involving securing developers’ and designers’ time, and having them prioritise it against other projects. Now, we as marketers can deploy personalisation campaigns ourselves in a matter of minutes, see how they’re performing and make adjustments on the fly. It’s empowering and has enabled us to be more agile in serving up timely, individualized and helpful experiences.”

LD Products is using Evergage to provide machine-learning-driven recommendations on its product detail pages, replacing a manually curated process, thus saving the company time; it is also using it to showcase recently-viewed products; “woo comparison shoppers”; drive greater engagement by highlighting relevant blog articles; and conduct A/B testing and attribution analysis to assess how personalised content and experiences impact conversion rates.

In the future, LD Products plans to expand its use of Evergage to deliver personalised search results for visitors – with the most relevant items for each individual prominently displayed. The company will also apply Evergage to show product trending information on popular items to create greater urgency among visitors, increase product discovery and drive deeper website engagement.

“Personalisation isn’t a one-and-done process, and smart companies like LD Products are integrating it across the customer experience – forging more meaningful and lasting connections,” said Evergage CEO and Co-Founder Karl Wirth. “Evergage helps companies increase engagement, loyalty and conversions, and we’re proud to work with LD Products as they foster even more helpful interactions with their customers.”

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