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LD Products on dealing with firmware updates

October 11, 2016

The remanufacturer has given a series of tips on how to deal with future firmware updates from HP Inc.

LD Products' base in California

LD Products’ base in California

The Recycler first reported on the firmware update last month, and reported further complaints from the industry and consumers, with the OEM’s EU helpdesk claiming that it was “working on a solution” soon after. The OEM told The Recycler in response that the printers affected “will continue to work with refilled or remanufactured cartridges with an Original HP security chip”, but later apologised and announced an update to reverse the firmware change.

Aftermarket companies responded to the update by noting their products still work after the update, including Static Control, 3T Supplies’ Peach division, Armor, KMP, LD Products, Gikar Industrial, Pelikan and Cartridge People. LD Products has now discussed “how to deal with HP firmware updates”, noting that the recent update “has frustrated many OfficeJet owners across the world”, and its first tip on dealing with any future updates is “turn back the clock and reverse the frustration”.

It points out that “so many customers were unhappy with HP’s unexpected firmware update that HP actually announced a remedy for the affected cartridges”, with the forthcoming “optional firmware update” set to “remove the controversial firmware update from your printer”, and “allow you to once again use cartridges that were previously deemed obsolete, effectively reversing the update”.

If you’re “willing to wait” as a user, you can “continue using your current cartridges […] when the update is expected to be available”, but the company also gives the option of replacing “your cartridges with ones that are compatible with the firmware update”, if “you are not willing to wait”. A replacement set from the company “will not be affected by the error message, allowing your printer to continue to function”, with its “current inventory” of 950 and 951XL working.

In turn, LD Products points out that a “compatible solution” for the 934 and 935XL is now available, with customers that may have recently bought any of the 950, 951, 934 or 935 cartridges “should contact our customer support team” to get a “working replacement set sent to you right away”. Finally, the remanufacturer recommends that consumers “be selective with your printer’s automatic updates” in future.

It comments that in order “to prevent future printer disruptions we suggest being choosy with your automatic updates. Not all updates are bad: more often than not, a quick update will help your printer run smoother or fix an annoying hardware bug”. However, “before you install HP’s latest suggestion, find out exactly how the update will improve your printer”, by going to the HP Support Assistant settings page on your printer and selectin “Check for updates, but let me choose which updates to download and install”.

This option will “let you know exactly what the update involves and you can decide if it’s worth installing”, with LD Products concluding that “no matter what the issue, LD Products works hard to make sure it offers a solution to our customers as quickly as possible. If you have any questions about the latest firmware update or our replacement cartridges, please reach out to us”.

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