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LD Products on cutting printing costs

September 6, 2016

The remaLD Productsnufacturer stated that managing the printer resources can help keep expenses down.

Buying a cheap printer is not the end of printing expenses, LD Products commented, and by keeping a watchful eye on ink usage expenditure can be managed. The article gives some tips to keep costs down, noting that printers have different modes which “manage the speed and quality”, and each one uses different quantities of ink, so when the highest quality of printing is not required, you should print in draft mode – which uses the least ink.

Duplex printing cuts down on paper usage by half, and most modern printers are designed to do this, but there are manual ways to carry out this function as well. By reducing the size of documents, changing margins and line spacing, more words can be fitted on to each page, which means less pages to print.

When printing directly from the web, choose to “print only the pages which have content”, so that you do not inadvertently print advertisements and comments sections. Before printing any documents, make sure it is proofread to reduce the chance of having to reprint due to spelling mistakes. Before paper is recycled, reuse it for taking notes or making shopping and to-do lists.

Changing the font can reduce ink usage as the thicker and bolder ones require more when printing, and over time this can save money. The report also advises unplugging the printer when it’s not in use to save energy. By using cartridges that are compatible from reputable sources and remanufacturers, the savings can be as much as 75 percent cheaper than OEM cartridges. Buying in bulk may get discounts, so using wholesalers is a good idea, the company adds, and will save money and time in the long run.

Lastly, LD Products recommends you re-evaluate the printer and find out if it is costing too much to run. Many companies now make more efficient printers at reasonable prices for the home office. Mono printers are cheaper than colour, so if the printer is just for documents this could save costs. It also recommends thinking about a laser printer, which although initially may be more expensive to purchase may work out cheape,r as the printing cost per page is significantly lower than the inkjet printer. Older models of printer may need more maintenance, and be less efficient than a new up-to-date one.

The article states that “print doesn’t have to be expensive”, and that using these useful tips can help get more from the printer, and cut the costs of printing down as well as helping to print “greener”.


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