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LD Products on cost saving in the office

June 23, 2016

The US remanufacturer has discussed how to save money on printing.

LD Products

Technology has made printing more cost efficient even with print still having a major role, despite digital equipment, said LD Products. Saving copious amounts of money is possible by purchasing the most efficient tools, while MPS is the tool of choice for printer fleets, and curtails “wasteful printing” as well as recording print jobs, which allows prompt and efficient invoicing, adding these costs to the client’s bill.

Office managers are able to keep a check on any wasteful printing, and also make sure that employees understand the implications of poor practice. Using remanufactured ink and toners that are produced for a specific OEM printer can save money while also saving the environment. Upgrading the printer to a more efficient and up-to-date model can vindicate the cost, and will also save on repair bills. Positioning the printers so that they are easily accessible and reducing the amount of printers used will not only save on work time but also outlay.

Scanning should only be carried out for documentation records and stored on the database, and not used to copy and file, which saves space as well. Printing reductions can save on capital and reduce office waste so that the space is “cleaner, leaner and greener”.


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